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Tube bending machines without CNC
XOT 110 - Tube bending machine - Electromechanical / electromechanical


The pipe benders of the type series XOT are electromechanical machines where can be bent in addition of standard pipes thin-walled pipes a closed profiles by means of mandrel. The machine is steered by the control unit of the company ELGO, type P 9521. The screen function takes the three-line display. The bending itself is performed on the basis of entered bending angles in number of 1 to 99. The entered bending angles can be adjusted by portable control system. With simple arrangement can be altered the bending direction (right - left). The bending machine was conceived as based on the following requirements: simple service, max. performance in consideration of the machine dimensions and variability. The bending machine is provided primarily for the single-part production.

Programmable values

  • size of bending angle
  • function
  • "Repeat"

Standard accessories

  • control panel

Special accessories

  • Extension back arm
  • Manual positioner for three-dimension pipe bending
  • Wheels below the machine
  • Customized tools

Basic technical parameters:

XOT 110
Max. dimension of bent tube Dxt (at Re=245 MPa) /mm/ 108 x 4
Min. dimension of bent tube Dxt /mm/ 20 x 1
Max. dimension of bent tube Dxt (at Re=295 MPa) /mm/ 89 x 4
Max. bending radius Roh /mm/ 330
Max. Roh with pressure die a=180° /mm/ 330
Max. Roh with pressure rollers /mm/ 400
Min. Roh of thick-walled tubes at max. dimension of bent tube /mm/ 2,5 D
Max. dimension of square section (at Re=245 MPa) /mm/ 80 x 80 x 5
Max. radius of square section /mm/ 330
Max. bending angle /°/ 190
Min. bending angle /°/ 5
Max. bending speed / °/s / 14
Installed input of the machine /kW/ 7,5
- length /mm/ 4 100
- width /mm/ 860
- height /mm/ 1 180
Working height /mm/ 1 050
Weight /kg/ 2 700
Position measure accuracy of bending /°/ ± 0,1
Max. length of bent tube without mandrel unlimited
Max. lenght of tube from tool axle to backstop of clamping part in positioner /mm/ 3 000
Max. length of bent tube with mandrel and with rear arm /mm/ -