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Tube bending machines with CNC
XOTH 80 TB BR CNC - with control system BaR Automation / hydraulic
XOTH 80 TB BR CNC - with control system BaR Automation XOTH 80 TB BR CNC - with control system BaR Automation


The hydraulic pipe benders of type series XOTH with CNC control system supplied by the company BaR Automation are provided for cold bending of various metals with circular, square, rectangular and elliptic section. The tools of special accessories allow bending of metal materials with various sections to rings, elbows etc. The machine is conceived to enable simple control providing necessary comfort and safety for the operator. Due to high productivity, simple adjustability and reliable operation can be the machine used for small-lot and large-lot production. Due to high productivity, easy adjustability and reliable operation can be the machine used in small-lot production and large-lot production. The machine can be customized. The programming data can be acquired by performance of bending in successive, semi-automatic operation. Principal fields of use: automotive industry (gas outlets, frames and other products), furniture industry (metal furniture), engineering industry (bicycles, air-condition equipments) incl. a lot of other industrial fields where are currently used bent profiles. 

BaR Automation Control

The implemented control and visualization Power Panel is one of the latest systems. Ethernet Powerlink installed in these benders for connection, synchronization and servo-converter control is the first and single open standard of the industrial Ethernet in the field of the hard-real time. The panels PP420 enable by the means of 15" color display the highest comfort with the touch panel and various key versions and provide sufficient performance for particular applications. Ethernet Powerlink is the bus for connection (in this case) of servo-amplifiers ACOPOS with the PP420 control panel. The Power Panel is an operational unit for visualization and operation of the machine. In connection with Ethernet Powerlink is transmitting the application instructions to the servo-amplifier ACOPOS in strict deterministic and quick time cycles. Acopos as intelligent servo-amplifier synchronizes all moves of individual axes without any support by the Power Panel. That is, the Acopos itself has a built-in processor and can control speed and direction changes. By doing so it increases the capacity and does not waste time with communication with Power Panel as superior unit. The principal advantage of the applied design consists in complete system of automation components, simple software Automation Studio that is used for control, visualization, moves and communication steering. 

The bending disc works in one level and allows the separate control of various movements. Pulling-out and lubrication of the mandrel is applied in bending of thin-walled pipes. CNCpositioner performs clamping, feeding and turning of pieces - three-dimensional bend. The set of standard tools is composed of a bending disc, chucking jaw, carrying strip. The special tools accessories offer mandrel of various shapes and configurations or slicker. The set of tools enables to exactly copy various bends. The tools are fabricated as customized and based on submitted drawing documentation for the bent part.

Programmable values

  • Bent angle size
  • Positioner turning
  • Positioner shifting
  • Release piece from positioner
  • Switching piece
  • Pulling-out mandrel angle

Standard accessories

  • Pulling-out mandrel
  • Mandrel lubricating

Special accessories

  • Extension back arm
  • Customized tools

Basic technical parameters:

Version hydraulic
Max. dimension of bent tube Dxt (at Re=245 MPa) /mm/ 76 x 6
Min. dimension of bent tube Dxt /mm/ 12 x 1,5
Max. dimension of bent tube Dxt (at Re=295 MPa) /mm/ 63 x 4
Max. bending radius Roh /mm/ 400
Max. Roh with pressure die a=180° /mm/ 200
Max. Roh with pressure rollers /mm/ 400
Min. R of thick-walled tubes at max. dimension of bent tube /mm/ 2 D
Max. dimension of square section (at Re=245 MPa) /mm/ 60 x 60 x 4
Max. radius of square section /mm/ 400
Max. bending angle /°/ 185
Min. bending angle /°/ 5
Max. bending speed / °/s / 19
Max. working speed of positioner / mm/s / 460
Max. turning speed of tube / °/s / 50
Shift length of positioner /mm/ 1 800
Installed input of the machine /kW/ 22
- length /mm/ 5 460
- width /mm/ 1 420
- height /mm/ 1 490
Working height /mm/ 1 150
Weight /kg/ 4 300
Capacity of oil tank /l/ 290 + 20
Max. No. of programmed angles/steps 50/50
Position measure accuracy of
- bending /°/ ± 0,1
- shift /mm/ ± 0,1
- turning /°/ ± 0,1
Max. length of bent tube without mandrel unlimited
Max. lenght of tube from tool axle to backstop of clamping part in positioner /mm/ 2 500

XOTH 80 TB BR CNC - with control system BaR Automation
XOTH 80 TB BR CNC - with control system BaR Automation